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Our Attorney Fees

BeRecht Avocats invoices its attorneys' fees according to the various modalities admitted by the profession, and in particular: the flat fee, the hourly rate, the subscription, as well as the success fee in addition to a flat fee or an hourly rate.

  • The hourly rate consists of calculating the fee based on the actual time worked on the file.
  • The fixed fee is a fixed fee whose amount, communicated in advance to the client, covers all the work carried out on the file. BeRecht Avocats can offer a fixed fee for cases where the volume of work can be easily determined in advance. 
  • If necessary, the hourly rate and the fixed fee can be supplemented by a success fee which corresponds to a variable part based on the gains or savings made by the client in the case handled.
  • The subscription is a global and personalized service proposed to the client to accompany him over a determined period of time on different issues handled by BeRecht Avocats.

The choice between these different methods of setting fees is proposed and agreed upon with the client during the first appointment. It is specified in the fee agreement that the client signs with BeRecht Avocats.

Not included in the fees, but to be paid by the client, are: disbursements, costs and expenses, as well as VAT.